Ever since cameras went from SLR’s to DSLR’s and now mirrorless, photographers have poured tons of money into new camera bodies and lenses, but one thing I’ve noticed at my photography workshops and in general, the lack of decent camera straps. And when I say decent, I mean the type of camera strap that can support the weight of your camera and lens with easy access to your camera and provide protection plus security against damage or loss, or even theft.

SunSniper Camera Strap Photo

Professional photographer and SUNBOUNCE “Enlightener” Steve Thorton on location with his SUNSNIPER camera strap directs a photoshoot on location. 

Let’s face it, the “spaghetti straps” or “kit straps” that come with most cameras don’t compare to a strap like my favorite, the SUNSNIPER Rotaball Pro with the Rotaball Connector, designed and developed in Germany.

According to WOLFGANG-PETER GELLER, owner of SUNBOUNCE GmbH and a two-time winner of the WORLD PRESS PHOTO Award, the SUN-SNIPER system came to mind when he was inspired by the by the US Cavalry Carbine 1885 Sling – produced at Rock Island Arsenal.

“The SUNSNIPER system was designed for today’s modern photographer in fast shooting situations who needs safety and security of their camera gear investment,” said Geller. “The SUNSNIPER is the new generation of safe, fast, smooth, and ultra-comfortable camera supports for professional photographers. It comes with a friction eliminating GENUINE BEARING for less swinging and better spinning.”

I’ll add, this cross-body strap will support cameras weighing up to 5 kilograms, or just over 11 pounds, and comes with a “shock absorber and adjustable shoulder pad that rotates accommodating both left- and right-handed persons.”

I’ll add, this cross-body strap will support cameras weighing up to 5 kilograms, or just over 11 pounds, and comes with a “shock absorber and adjustable shoulder pad that rotates accommodating both left- and right-handed persons.”

There’s even an underarm strap and a steel cable woven into the strap for added security and instead of attaching the strap to the camera body “eye hooks,” the strap attaches to the bottom of the camera body for quick speed when you’re ready to raise your camera and click your shutter in a split second.


“The black harness is actually a camera strap that keeps the photographer’s hands free and prevents the camera from being snatched away,” states Hans-Heinrich Pardey from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “It prevents the camera from being lost when the first slash with a sharp knife would be enough to sever the strap. The straps that camera suppliers usually offer mostly fall within the range of unimaginative primitive belts to designer frills.”

Yes, he’s right, the camera manufacturer spaghetti straps just don’t cut it—pun intended. The idea is for your camera to hang on your waist whether you’re standing, sitting, or walking, with comfort, safety, and security so your camera and lens can be hoisted with speed to ensure you can capture great photos in a moment’s reaction.

One thing to note, Geller and his team incorporated eight important features into the SUNSNIPER system to include: 1) the ROTABALL connector that secures free swiveling of your camera; 2) the blocking BLOKKER that prevents your camera from coming unscrewed from the strap without your permission; 3) the SHOCK ABSORBER that prevents strain on your spine caused by the weight of your camera body and lens; 4) the CUTTER-CRASHER steel cable women into the strap that makes the strap slash proof; 5) the SHOULDER PAD, an ergonomic shoulder pad that sits comfortably on your shoulders and around your neck, handmade of the best nylon material; 6) exclusive monetary insurance protection, details found on their packaging; 7) the LIMITER which prevents your camera from swinging backwards during quick moves; and 8) the pad positioning PITT, the underarm security strap that keeps the strap and pad in position even in extreme situations.

In the summary, whether you’re left- or right-handed and besides the support and security for your favorite camera and lenses, the key features of a SUNSNIPER camera strap include a steel cable woven into the strap, the underarm security strap, shock absorber, adjustable shoulder pad and cross-body strap, plus it attaches to the bottom of your camera with ease that will leave you with a sense of security when it comes to your camera gear.

Whether you capture photos on film with an SLR, or digital with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, the SUNSNIPER, sometimes misspelled as SUN-SNIPER, are camera straps built to last a lifetime and allow you to carry your camera system with comfort, style, security, and safety so you can capture great photos at a moment’s reaction. Find yours at B&H Photo and Video.


Rolando Gómez is a professional photographer and author of five photography books that has traveled to 45 countries for assignments. You can find his audio-cast and post-production videos on Lens Diaries. The former soldier and U.S. Army combat photographer has taught hundreds of photography workshops for almost two decades. A 2016, 2017 and 2018 Top Writer for Quora, his partial credits include Newsweek, Parade, Rangefinder, Maxim, Rangefinder, New York Times, Stars & Stripes, and various other publications.

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