The  SUNBOUNCE SYSTEM allow you to take great photos with photography light enhancing tools. Check often for the latest photography tips, tricks and techniques that will help improve your photos.  Photo by Jarmo Pohjaniemi

SUNBOUNCE Photography and Video Lighting School

The SUNBOUNCE Photography and Video Lighting School offers professional tips to improve all your creative projects. Learn how light interacts with different reflector materials and diffusion screens. SUNBOUNCE brings you one of its most valuable resources that any still, cinema, and video photographer will appreciate, all neatly organized in one place. Go there now, learn the light effects that will improve your skills to elevate your creative talents. Stand above the crowd, not in the crowd.

Out of 86,400 seconds each day, photographers only need 1/125th of a second to show their story.

Professional Photography Reflector Tips

Size and Shape Matter

A Professional’s Perspective. Whether I’m on a live video broadcast with social media, or at one of my photography workshops, someone usually asks, “How do you know which size reflector you’re going to use?” I usually chuckle at first, as this question can have many...

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Reflector Fabrics

It’s Not Like Buying Underwear. You’ve heard the old saying, no two things are created equal, well the same holds true for photography reflector fabric screens. Some are cheaply made and then you have the higher-quality controlled SUNBOUNCE fabric screens, which come...

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Reflector Myths

Without light we have nothing, with light we can make something out of nothing. There is one piece of equipment every photographer should have in his or her toolbox, a reflector—specifically, fabric type reflectors held by humans or light stands. Don’t confuse these...

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SUNBOUNCE Testimonial

“There are three major benefits to the SUNBOUNCE system for me . . . 1. The stretch fabric creates a reliable lighting pattern and can throw light across a long distance if needed. 2. The quality of light they produce is amazing! 3. They’re very durable and will last you a very long time. I own the MICRO-MINI (2×3) the Mini (3×4), the PRO 4×6 and the BIG SUN-SWATTER. Just bought the 3-D RAINDROP 4×6 fabric and love the punch it produces especially on cloudy days! Bottom line . . . It’s more expensive but WELL worth the price!” Eric Stoner

Technical Advisor at Canon USA, Photographer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Featured Photography Tools


The Task In addition to backache, the Steadycam Operator is mostly affected by wind. His finely balanced, almost hovering camera is shaken by the tiniest wind turbulence. Up to now, beams and transparent plastic sheets were used by the assistants to protect the...

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The special tool – designed by famous Greg Gorman and Wolfgang-Peter Geller - for photographers who never leave their studio without their CAGE-STUDIO. It is used in the jungle, in the Savannah and in Antarctica. There are photography projects where you want the same...

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Featured Photography Reflector Video

“I have two SUNBOUNCE reflectors and I love them. Amazing light!” Bob Walker

Photographer, British Columbia, Canada

Photo Shoot—Esther in Zingst

Click Photos For Lightbox View Photography Project Shoot By Professional Photographer Steve Thornton (Click Photos For Lightbox View) I have shot with Esther several times and try to shoot with her if I'm in Germany. I was in Zingst, Germany, on the Baltic...

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Numbers Free Photography

Ten Finger Normalcy. Whether you believe in numerology or not, the numerical values of life are based on numbers so we can count, label, and measure the reality around us. When you’re born, a doctor inspects your body for five toes on each foot plus checks to see if...

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Lighting School Photography Knowledge

Latest SUNBOUNCE Community Photos
Latest SUNBOUNCE Community Members

Photography Reflector and Diffuser Fabric Screens

SUNBOUNCE offers a huge selection of frames and a comprehensive range of fabric light enhancing screens and fabrics for the photography and film industry. SUNBOUNCE specializes in the provision of extra-wide fabrics without any seams (up to 500 cm). All the SUNBOUNCE...

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Reflector Position Effects

The following examples illustrate how the lighting of the subject and the resulting shadow effect can be adjusted using SUNBOUNCE reflectors. Compare the effect of different screens and how lighting and shadow change depending on the reflector’s angle and position....

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Moire Effect in Photography and Videography

Moiré is one of the most common flaws in videography and photography. Wavy lines appear in the image. Moiré is caused e.g. by the interaction of regular patterns or structures in the subject with other regular structures of the camera sensors. The camera sensors (CCD...

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