The  SUNBOUNCE SYSTEM allows you to take great photos with photography light enhancing tools. Check often for the latest photography tips, tricks and techniques that will help improve your photos.  Photo by Jarmo Pohjaniemi

SUNBOUNCE Photography and Video Lighting School

The SUNBOUNCE Photography and Video Lighting School offers professional tips to improve all your creative projects. Learn how light interacts with different reflector materials and diffusion screens. SUNBOUNCE brings you one of its most valuable resources that any still, cinema, and video photographer will appreciate, all neatly organized in one place. Go there now, learn the light effects that will improve your skills to elevate your creative talents. Stand above the crowd, not in the crowd.

Out of 86,400 seconds each day, photographers only need 1/125th of a second to show their story.

Professional Photography Reflector Tips

Fashion, Beauty, and Glamour Photography

When it comes to photography genres, especially in the photography of women, there are many to include my favorite three, fashion, beauty, and glamour photography and thanks to the Internet and social media, the genres seem to converge at times. In my photography, my...

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Pixel Resolution Explained

Understanding the Correct Image Resolution When digital photography and the Internet took hold, many photographers didn’t fully understand image resolution, or the proper pixel resolution when it comes to web browsers, social media, and printing. The many myths,...

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Five Reasons Models Think You Stink

Do You Smell Bad? It happens to many photographers, they can’t find models to work with them, especially the particular models they want in front of their camera the most. These photographers ask themselves, “What am I doing wrong? Is my photography that bad? Does it...

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Military Techniques Improve Your Photos

Camera Shutter Release Technique is Like Shooting A Weapon Back in my active-duty U.S. Army days, I was an expert with my M16 rifle and Beretta M9 pistol, plus I earned a German Schutzenschnur, shooting expert medal in bronze from the German Army in Koblenz, Germany....

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Travel Photography Tips

As a photographer and a photojournalist, I’ve had the pleasure to work on assignment in 45 different countries over the years. As I worked in these countries, I learned a few things, especially when it comes to travel photography, and I’m here to share some tips for...

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Your Nose for Great Photos

A Simple Photography Technique At my photography workshopsI advocate that depressing the camera shutter-release represents five-percent of the equation when it comes to the creation of photographs—pictures are easy, just pick up your smartphone. Photographs though...

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Low-Key Lighting

The Lack of Lighting Technique for Photography Masterpieces Low-key lighting is often misunderstood as a type of lighting that requires a solid black background — not true. It’s not the background that separates low-key lighting from other lighting techniques, it’s...

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Storytelling with Your Photos

In our four-part series about how to critique photos we covered various elements that make photos great like composition, lighting, exposure, sharpness, etc., so now let’s look at storytelling with your photos especially if you’re considering publication. If you have...

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The Photography Sweet Spot

If you play tennis, golf, or even baseball, then you’ve heard the term “sweet spot.” Whether it’s a racquet, club or bat, professional athletes know their equipment has a sweet spot that helps them move to the top of their game. Photography is no different, your...

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Sparkling Sun Beats Gold

It’s About Using the Right Tool. While many will describe my photographic style as warm, and some will even state that I often rely on warming gels and white-balance, I for one will tell you I only use these more warming techniques when I practice photographing women...

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Photography Reflectors, Kicker Lighting

An Extra Punch of Light, Without the Harshness. Sometimes photographers like to mix light sources, such as when they have to overpower the sun with flash and take the Sunny 16 Rule into account. This is one instance when a photography reflector can add some...

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Photography Reflectors, Keep It Simple

Keeping It Simple. As photographers, there are times where we want to scout a new photography location, but still want to grab some shots, so we travel light, another benefit of the SUNBOUNCE photography reflectors. They’re lightweight, durable, and pack...

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Featured Photography Tools


The SUNBOUNCE-CLASSIC Reflectors are available in four sizes: MICRO-MINI – MINI – PRO – BIG that range from 2' x 3' to 8'0" x 5'11" (60 x 90 cm to  180 x 245 cm) The ultra mobile SUNBOUNCE-CLASSIC 3-D, SUN-BOUNCER with aspect ratio of 4:3. Strong three-dimensional...

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The special tool – designed by famous Greg Gorman and Wolfgang-Peter Geller - for photographers who never leave their studio without their CAGE-STUDIO. It is used in the jungle, in the Savannah and in Antarctica. There are photography projects where you want the same...

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Engineered and constructed with totally quality management (TQM) in Germany. Manufactured and designed with the best products to ensure durability and ruggedness. Recreate lively studio lighting on location.. The BOUNCE-WALL is the smallest reflector in the Sunbounce...

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Featured Photography Reflector Video

“I have two SUNBOUNCE reflectors and I love them. Amazing light!”

Bob Walker

Photographer, British Columbia, Canada

Lighting School Photography Knowledge

SUNBOUNCE Testimonial

“There are three major benefits to the SUNBOUNCE system for me . . . 1. The stretch fabric creates a reliable lighting pattern and can throw light across a long distance if needed. 2. The quality of light they produce is amazing! 3. They’re very durable and will last you a very long time. I own the MICRO-MINI (2×3) the Mini (3×4), the PRO 4×6 and the BIG SUN-SWATTER. Just bought the 3-D RAINDROP 4×6 fabric and love the punch it produces especially on cloudy days! Bottom line . . . It’s more expensive but WELL worth the price!”

Eric Stoner

Technical Advisor at Canon USA, Photographer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photography Reflector and Diffuser Fabric Screens

SUNBOUNCE offers a huge selection of frames and a comprehensive range of fabric light enhancing screens and fabrics for the photography and film industry. SUNBOUNCE specializes in the provision of extra-wide fabrics without any seams (up to 500 cm). All the SUNBOUNCE...

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Effects of Different Reflectors and Diffusors

The following examples illustrate how the lighting of the subject and the resulting shadow effect can be adjusted using SUNBOUNCE reflectors. Compare the effect of different screens and how lighting and shadow change depending on the reflector’s angle and position....

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Moire Effect in Photography and Videography

Moiré is one of the most common flaws in videography and photography. Wavy lines appear in the image. Moiré is caused e.g. by the interaction of regular patterns or structures in the subject with other regular structures of the camera sensors. The camera sensors (CCD...

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