The Sunbounce Photography Light Enhancing Flash-Bracket

When Photographers Need Flash Diffused and Directed


The Flash-Bracket is a valuable accessory for the Sunbounce Photography Light Enhancing System. Never before has it been so easy to build a large and mobile panel light using Sunbounce Photography Light Enhancing System components. A simple Sunbounce Flash-Bracket, the length of which is adjustable, functions as a connection between the Sun-Bouncer tube system and any portable flash or LED light. The Sunbounce Flash-Bracket is available with normal, insulated flash shoe. The 5/8 spigot adapter as accessory.

Professional photographer Steve Thornton from Atlanta fixed a Lumedyne flash onto a Sunbouncer Micro-Mini with help of a Flash-Bracket and this technique allowed him to mix available light with artificial light to achieve perfection in his photographs.

Professional photographer Mike Larson from Santa Barbara illuminated his clients, this bridal couple, at dusk with a Sun-Bouncer Mini with Zebra fabric material and used the California Sunbounce Photography Light Enhancing Flash-Bracket system.

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Professional photographer Adrian Jankowski on a photography location in Fürstenfeldbruck, near Munich, using two Sun-Bouncer Minis with Zebra material on tripods, equipped with two remotely controlled camera flash systems, each secured by a California Sunbounce Photography Light Enhancing Flash-Bracket system.


This cool arm connects all Sunbounce reflectors with your mobile flash or LED/ Tungsten video light. It is shipped with a standard camera hot shoe made from fine aluminium. This hot shoe can be replaced with a Spigot-Adapter 5/8th (available option).
• For Sunbouncer Micro-Mini, Mini and Pro Reflectors
• Extendable ca. 30/45 cm (12“/24“) (The clamp may need support when the extension is used depending on the weight of the flash.)
• Fits all tubes from 15-25 mm.

Designed for professional camera and mobile flash light systems and LED video lamps.

If your light source has a 5/8th female adapter, replace the standard hot shoe adapter of your Flash-Bracket with this Spigot-Adapter. Suitable for photography and videography.

• Replaces standard hot shoe attachment
• For photo and video

 FLASH-BRACKET 5/8” Spigot-Adapter


The Mini-Clamp is used for California Sunbounce Photography Light Enhancing Flash-Brackets

• Strong-clamping, soft-padded jaws
• Smart construction for less weight
• Perfect for all Sunbounce frames up to 25 mm
• Perfect for all other tubes from 15 mm to 25 mm
• Threaded for metric M6 and MC 5/16th

Sunbounce Flash-Bracket Metal Top-End Flash-Holder


The California Sunbounce frames are each a patented, three-dimensional, completely collapsible frame. It is super light and extremely stable. The modular system allows you to combine every frame with the appropriate screen, making it a reflector, diffuser, or light blocker (shade).These special frames, made by hand from anodized aluminum, can be collapsed in seconds to fit into an approx. 6 to 8cm (2.3 to 3.1in) diameter bag. All Sunbounce items have a maximum length of 135cm (53in). Thanks to the crossbar and clamp integrated into the frame, it can be held in many different ways – comfortably by hand or by attaching it to a stand.

German Engineered

Engineered and constructed with totally quality management (TQM) in Germany.

Durable Design

Manufactured and designed with the best products to ensure durability and ruggedness.

Handmade Perfection

All fabric reflector screens are made in Germany and handmade to perfection.

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