Effects of Different Reflectors and Diffusors, Horizontal and Vertical Positions

All exposures made with the same camera settings in order to illustrate the effects. In normal situations, a photographer naturally adjusts camera exposure settings.

The following examples illustrate how the lighting of the subject and the resulting shadow effect can be adjusted using SUNBOUNCE reflectors. Compare the effect of different screens and how lighting and shadow change depending on the reflector’s angle and position. Discover for yourself the finest nuances of light and shadow effects by comparing real portrait scenes at varying illuminations. Graphics and photos used with permission from Eib Eibelshäuser, author of “The Art of Photographic Lighting.”

University of Applied Sciences – Düsseldorf/ Germany

Sunbounce Pro Horizontal Vertical Photography Reflector Positions
Sunbounce Mini Horizontal Vertical Photography Reflector Positions
Sunbounce Mini Horizontal Vertical Photography Reflector Feathering Positions

SUNBOUNCE Photography Reflector Feathering

Feathering Light Photography Technique

What is feathering? Feathering is a lighting technique in photography that controls light intensity and quality extremely well. When a light reflector is moved, 100% of the reflected light, or part of the reflected light, bounced off the reflector illuminates your subject/model.

When sunlight or another light source is deflected from a reflector, the resulting lighting effect has infinite possibilities. Unfortunately many photographers tend to use the “More the better,” lighting technique, so all the reflected light is directed to the subject/model. It is always better to carefully observe the reflected light, as you reposition the reflector step-by-step, back-and-forth, slowly until the soft light from the reflector edges strikes the subject/model. This allows most of the reflected light to by-pass the model, where the photographer settles for the more softer or feathered edge.

This allows fine adjustments of the intensity of the light path with each turn or tilt of the photography lighting reflector—this amazing effect is immediate and apparent. This is how the “high-preists” of fashion and advertising photography capture those amazing shots.

This is one advantage of the SUNBOUNCE photography reflector system. You can direct the light when and where you want it, spot on. In summary, with a SUNBOUNCE reflector you can reflect the light in practically any direction and angle with fine adjustments of the quality and quantity of the light, from harsh and intense to soft and less intense. .

Sunbounce Mini Horizontal Vertical Photography Reflector Feathering Positions
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