Model Photography Location Dress Tube

Model Photography Location DRESS-TUBE

A Photographer's Accessory Their Models Will Love


The changing room for models, based on the pop-up principle.

Folded, the DRESS-TUBE is as small as a pizza – popped open it’s as big as a shower cubicle. Can you think of any model that unashamedly changes in and out of designer clothes standing on 5th Avenue in Manhattan?

Whether on 5th Avenue or any other crowded place, the mobile changing room DRESS-TUBE protects the model from nosey stares. In less than a second, the DRESS-TUBE unfolds into a spacious changing room and can be refolded almost just as quickly.

Model Photography Location Dress Tube

The California Sunbounce location photography model DRESS-TUBE, always a hit when working with models.

DRESS-TUBE Pop-up changing room

No model likes to have to change in front of people passing by on location. Imagine a model that has to change in and out of their clothes, standing on 5th Avenue in Manhattan or a popular beach. Talk about a gawker magnet. Professional photographers have experienced gawkers on most location shoots, but today’s gawkers also have smartphones.

Whether in the city or on a crowded beach the mobile changing room, the DRESS-TUBE from California  Sunbounce, stops the mobile gawkers and protects the model from nasty stares. When folded, the DRESS-TUBE is only slightly larger than a Frisbee, and in just seconds it becomes a spacious changing room. Feeling tall or a little heavy, no worries, the DRESS-TUBE is designed to handle practically any physique.

DRESS-TUBE (click image for expanded view)

  • Total size: 78 x 122 cm / 30″ x 48″
  • Color: Black

German Engineered

Engineered with totally quality management (TQM) in Germany.

Durable Design

Manufactured and designed with the best products to ensure durability and ruggedness.

Handmade Perfection

All fabric reflector screens are made in Germany and handmade to perfection.

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