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Welcome to SUNBOUNCE PRO, a website dedicated to the art of photography. In collaboration with we decided to create a more centralized knowledge base for photography and lighting information, especially when it comes to SUNBOUNCE equipment. Over the...

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20 Different SUNBOUNCE Screen Fabrics & Their Techniques Explained

Reflector Knowledge

Photography Reflectors, Kicker Lighting

An Extra Punch of Light, Without the Harshness. Sometimes photographers like to mix light sources, such as when they have to overpower the sun with flash and take the Sunny 16 Rule into account. This is one instance when a photography reflector can add some...

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Photography Reflectors, Keep It Simple

Keeping It Simple. As photographers, there are times where we want to scout a new photography location, but still want to grab some shots, so we travel light, another benefit of the SUNBOUNCE photography reflectors. They’re lightweight, durable, and pack...

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Photography Reflectors, Recreating North Light

As Early As The Renaissance Era. I’ve covered many topics when it comes to photography reflectors, but now I’ll focus on the use of a photography reflector to create “north light.” No, you don’t have to point your reflector from a northern angle to your subject to...

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Photography Reflectors, Subtractive Lighting

The Black Reflector. When most photographers talk or write about photography reflectors, normally all you hear about is white, silver, gold, and sometimes zebra, but rarely do you hear about “black” reflectors. Most photographers usually think about first types of...

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Size and Shape Matter

A Professional’s Perspective. Whether I’m on a live video broadcast with social media, or at one of my photography workshops, someone usually asks, “How do you know which size reflector you’re going to use?” I usually chuckle at first, as this question can have many...

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Reflector Fabrics

It’s Not Like Buying Underwear. You’ve heard the old saying, no two things are created equal, well the same holds true for photography reflector fabric screens. Some are cheaply made and then you have the higher-quality controlled SUNBOUNCE fabric screens, which come...

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Reflector Myths

Without light we have nothing, with light we can make something out of nothing. There is one piece of equipment every photographer should have in his or her toolbox, a reflector—specifically, fabric type reflectors held by humans or light stands. Don’t confuse these...

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Photography Tips

Round Lenses, Rectangle Photos

A Little Squared Humor.  Often, I get interesting questions, some humor me and today was no different when a model asked me on the phone, “If lenses are round, why are photos rectangular?” I chuckled at first and then told her, “That’s a good question,” then I gave...

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Light & Camera Paradigm Shifts

It’s Happening Now, Don’t Get Left Behind. In my recent blog post, Mirrorless Camera Madness, you found out that in my search for a replacement digital camera system, I noticed a paradigm shift to mirrorless cameras and how Olympus is tops in this field. A paradigm...

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Photographers Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s About Ability, Not Inability. I’ve taught many photography workshops for almost two decades now and I constantly see many photographers get caught up in their gear. Contrary to all the marketing hype that slaps consumers in the face on a daily basis, it’s not the...

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Photography’s Biggest Myth

Professional Photographers Primary Source of Income is Photography. The biggest myth in photography is based on the old age question, “What’s the difference between a professional and an amateur photographer?” Normally the number one answer is “a professional gets...

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Flash or Reflector

Make Your Photography Natural. I’m often asked, “Why use a reflector and not a flash for fill-light outdoors?” There are several answers to this question, but the most obvious one, often overlooked by many photographers when trying to “pre-visualize” their final...

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Capture Great Headshots

The Best Approach for a Photographer, Make it a Portfolio Shoot. Often you hear photographers or models make a comment that they need a great head shot for their portfolios and indeed, the ability to showcase your talent as a photographer of models should include a...

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Triangles of Photography

Great Posing Tip. Often when you hear a photographer talk about a triangle in photography, they are referencing the correlation of exposure, or how the ISO, lens aperture and camera shutter-speed affect one another to create the correct exposure in a photograph....

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Color Perception in Postproduction

Adobe Photoshop Tip for True Color. Adobe Photoshop has come a long way since its exclusive introduction for Apple Macintosh computers by Adobe Systems in 1990.  Its origin actually dates back to 1987 when Thomas Knoll, “a PhD student at the University of Michigan,...

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Shooting Beauty Imagery

Shooting Beauty Imagery By Professional Photographer Steve Thornton  Most fashion photographers will also shoot beauty. Beauty is usually shot with attractive to stunning female models that have good to great skin, with make-up & hair being important...

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20 Inspiring Photography Tips

Get Out of That Photographic Rut. There are times when photographers draw blanks when it comes to the productive process of creating a photo, either through the lack of inspiration, passion, or imagination. I like to call it the photographic “rut,” or a state of mind...

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Training DVDs

Instructional & Educational Photography DVDs

Instructional Material for Photographers by Professional Photographers SUNBOUNCE brings you instructional photography training DVDs so you can learn from the money-making professionals like the charismatic wedding photographer Mike Larson. Filled with many photography...

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