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Welcome to Sunbounce Pro, a website dedicated to the art of photography. In collaboration with we decided to create a more centralized knowledge base for photography and lighting information, especially when it comes to California Sunbounce equipment....

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20 Different Sunbounce Screen Fabrics & Their Techniques Explained

Reflector Knowledge

Size and Shape Matter

A Professional’s Perspective. Whether I’m on a live video broadcast with social media, or at one of my photography workshops, someone usually asks, “How do you know which size reflector you’re going to use?” I usually chuckle at first, as this question can have many...

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Reflector Fabrics

It’s Not Like Buying Underwear. You’ve heard the old saying, no two things are created equal, well the same holds true for photography reflector fabric screens. Some are cheaply made and then you have the higher-quality controlled SUNBOUNCE fabric screens, which come...

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Reflector Myths

Without light we have nothing, with light we can make something out of nothing. There is one piece of equipment every photographer should have in his or her toolbox, a reflector—specifically, fabric type reflectors held by humans or light stands. Don’t confuse these...

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Photography Tips

Photo Shoot—Esther in Zingst

Click Photos For Lightbox View Photography Project Shoot By Professional Photographer Steve Thornton (Click Photos For Lightbox View) I have shot with Esther several times and try to shoot with her if I'm in Germany. I was in Zingst, Germany, on the Baltic...

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Numbers Free Photography

Ten Finger Normalcy. Whether you believe in numerology or not, the numerical values of life are based on numbers so we can count, label, and measure the reality around us. When you’re born, a doctor inspects your body for five toes on each foot plus checks to see if...

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Photo Shoot—Esther in Cologne

Click Photos For Lightbox View Commercial Photo Shoot By Professional Photographer Steve Thornton (Click Photos For Lightbox View) While in Cologne for Photokina, the world’s largest trade fair for photography and imaging held biennially, I shot a couple of...

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Blinded by the Light

Sand Between Your Toes, Sunglasses on Your Nose The weather is warm and the sound of the ocean surf relaxes your mind and body, especially with a drink of the margarita you hold in your hands. A swimsuit clad beauty walks by on the beach, so you raise your sunglasses...

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Training DVDs

Instructional & Educational Photography DVDs

Instructional Material for Photographers by Professional Photographers SUNBOUNCE brings you instructional photography training DVDs so you can learn from the money-making professionals like the charismatic wedding photographer Mike Larson. Filled with many photography...

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