The  SUNBOUNCE SYSTEM allows you to take great photos with photography light enhancing tools. Check often for the latest photography tips, tricks and techniques that will help improve your photos.  Photo by Jarmo Pohjaniemi

SUNBOUNCE Photography and Video Lighting School

The SUNBOUNCE Photography and Video Lighting School offers professional tips to improve all your creative projects. Learn how light interacts with different reflector materials and diffusion screens. SUNBOUNCE brings you one of its most valuable resources that any still, cinema, and video photographer will appreciate, all neatly organized in one place. Go there now, learn the light effects that will improve your skills to elevate your creative talents. Stand above the crowd, not in the crowd.

Out of 86,400 seconds each day, photographers only need 1/125th of a second to show their story.

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Photography Reflector Wind Tested

Wolfgang Peter Geller, the founder and inventor of the SUNBOUNCE photography lighting systems put his SUNBOUNCE PRO photography reflector to the test with the help of a local windsurfer and gusty winds on Hamburg Alster Lake back in 2006. This “put to the test” idea to check the strength of the fabric and seams was Geller’s idea back in 2006. Read more…

World Record Speed Shooting With Bounce Wall 

Linda Köhler-Sandring achieved something with the BOUNCE-WALL that no one has been able to do before: Equipped with only the “Abosulte best cardboard in the world of photography” and the SUN-BOUNCER MINI BLACK HOLE as a neutral background, Linda photographed over 888 people outside in 7,092 seconds. Read more…

Professional Photography Reflector Tips

The Photography Studio

A photography studio, by simple definition, is basically a workspace where you can create beautiful photos. There is nothing that dictates it must have walls, must be indoors, or even must have electricity for that matter. In fact, the first photography studios “date...

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Outdoor Model Photography

Other than photographers that live on Caribbean, Atlantic or Pacific islands, spring and summer are the times photographers enjoy the most to capture some great outdoor photos. Like seagulls we flock to the nearest and largest body of water. Whether it's a swimming...

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Colors in Outdoor Model Photography

Colors in outdoor model photography can make or break your images. You can use colors to your advantage to create dramatic impact just like camera lens flare, or to minimize or hide imperfections in any photo. The key to it all, be observant and understand simple...

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Camera Lens Flare

Wikipedia states, “Lens flare refers to a phenomenon wherein light is scattered or flared in a lens system, often in response to a bright light, producing a sometimes, undesirable artifact within the image.” Notice the subtext, “sometimes, undesirable,” which...

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Midday Sunlight Photography

Any professional photographer will tell you to learn the fundamentals, principals and basics of photography — the rules — then learn how to break them. One of those photography rules you may have heard, don’t shoot in the midday, or direct overhead sunlight. So, in...

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Fashion, Beauty, and Glamour Photography

When it comes to photography genres, especially in the photography of women, there are many to include my favorite three, fashion, beauty, and glamour photography and thanks to the Internet and social media, the genres seem to converge at times. In my photography, my...

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Pixel Resolution Explained

Understanding the Correct Image Resolution When digital photography and the Internet took hold, many photographers didn’t fully understand image resolution, or the proper pixel resolution when it comes to web browsers, social media, and printing. The many myths,...

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Five Reasons Models Think You Stink

Do You Smell Bad? It happens to many photographers, they can’t find models to work with them, especially the particular models they want in front of their camera the most. These photographers ask themselves, “What am I doing wrong? Is my photography that bad? Does it...

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Military Techniques Improve Your Photos

Camera Shutter Release Technique is Like Shooting A Weapon Back in my active-duty U.S. Army days, I was an expert with my M16 rifle and Beretta M9 pistol, plus I earned a German Schutzenschnur, shooting expert medal in bronze from the German Army in Koblenz, Germany....

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Photography Reflectors, Recreating North Light

As Early As The Renaissance Era. I’ve covered many topics when it comes to photography reflectors, but now I’ll focus on the use of a photography reflector to create “north light.” No, you don’t have to point your reflector from a northern angle to your subject to...

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Photography Reflectors, Natural or Artificial Light

Reflected or Directed Light Qualities. Like most photographers, on occasion I still use artificial lighting in my photo shoots, but today, especially with mirrorless camera technology, I prefer reflected light from the SUNBOUNCE light enhancing tools. I tend to use...

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Photography Reflectors, Subtractive Lighting

The Black Reflector. When most photographers talk or write about photography reflectors, normally all you hear about is white, silver, gold, and sometimes zebra, but rarely do you hear about “black” reflectors. Most photographers usually think about first types of...

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Featured Photography Tools


SUN SCRIMs SUN-SCRIM BUTTERFLYS OVERHEAD SCRIMS 6’x6’ + 8’x8’ +12’x12’ FRAMES + SCREEN 20’x20’ SCREENS only 6x6 Butterfly/Overhead SUN-SCRIM Starter Kit Diffusor - 2/3rd The static, square SUN-SCRIMs The SUN-SCRIMs are closed, square, 2-dimensional frames selected for...

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BOUNCE-WALL Flash Reflector Kits

BOUNCE-WALL Kit-2 “Soft & Hard“ Flash Photography Reflector System The BOUNCE-WALL is the smallest reflector in the SUNBOUNCE lighting system. It is unique, always with you and always positioned in the right place for the perfect master portrait. The BOUNCE-WALL...

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The unique SUN-SWATTER can be recognised immediately because it looks like a giant fly swatter hovering over the models. The SUN-SWATTER creates a shadow that moves with actors, models and all subjects. The SUN-SWATTER is available in three sensible sizes from 90 x...

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Featured Photography Reflector Video

“I have two SUNBOUNCE reflectors and I love them. Amazing light!”

Bob Walker

Photographer, British Columbia, Canada

Lighting School Photography Knowledge

SUNBOUNCE Testimonial

“There are three major benefits to the SUNBOUNCE system for me . . . 1. The stretch fabric creates a reliable lighting pattern and can throw light across a long distance if needed. 2. The quality of light they produce is amazing! 3. They’re very durable and will last you a very long time. I own the MICRO-MINI (2×3) the Mini (3×4), the PRO 4×6 and the BIG SUN-SWATTER. Just bought the 3-D RAINDROP 4×6 fabric and love the punch it produces especially on cloudy days! Bottom line . . . It’s more expensive but WELL worth the price!”

Eric Stoner

Technical Advisor at Canon USA, Photographer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photography Reflectors and Diffusers

Hoover over photos and click to see large photo in light box. SUNBOUNCE BIG Photography Reflectors SUNBOUNCE PRO Photography Reflectors SUNBOUNCE MINI Photography Reflectors SUNBOUNCE MICRO-MINI Photography Reflectors SUNBOUNCE SUN-STRIP Photography Reflectors...

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Sunset Sunrise Calculator

For mobile, Sunset Sunrise Calculator works best in landscape view.  Use the Sunset Sunrise Calculator to plan ahead and capture that blue or golden hour for your outdoor photography. Basically select the appropriate information to calculate the sunrise and sunset....

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