The  SUNBOUNCE SYSTEM allows you to take great photos with photography light enhancing tools. Check often for the latest photography tips, tricks and techniques that will help improve your photos.  Photo by Jarmo Pohjaniemi

SUNBOUNCE Photography and Video Lighting School

The SUNBOUNCE Photography and Video Lighting School offers professional tips to improve all your creative projects. Learn how light interacts with different reflector materials and diffusion screens. SUNBOUNCE brings you one of its most valuable resources that any still, cinema, and video photographer will appreciate, all neatly organized in one place. Go there now, learn the light effects that will improve your skills to elevate your creative talents. Stand above the crowd, not in the crowd.

Out of 86,400 seconds each day, photographers only need 1/125th of a second to show their story.

Professional Photography Reflector Tips

How Models Find Photographers

Build Your Brand The best models for a photo shoot are models that find you for your photography and this will happen if you build your photography brand with great photos. Your photography talent should speak for itself, and if it doesn’t, then you must work on it,...

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Great Photographers Know What it Takes

I’m often asked, “What makes a great photographer?” It’s an ambiguous question because it isn’t specific to any photography genre, and it doesn’t help if the individual who asked doesn’t refer to the business or the artistic side of photography. But even then, there...

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See and Feel the Light in Photography

Light is all around us and it not only illuminates our world, but, allows us to accomplish everyday tasks when it eliminates darkness. Just like the air we breathe, we often take light for granted as it’s part of our big picture of life, but as photographers, we need...

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Photography Reflectors, Recreating North Light

As Early As The Renaissance Era. I’ve covered many topics when it comes to photography reflectors, but now I’ll focus on the use of a photography reflector to create “north light.” No, you don’t have to point your reflector from a northern angle to your subject to...

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Photography Reflectors, Natural or Artificial Light

Reflected or Directed Light Qualities. Like most photographers, on occasion I still use artificial lighting in my photo shoots, but today, especially with mirrorless camera technology, I prefer reflected light from the SUNBOUNCE light enhancing tools. I tend to use...

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Photography Reflectors, Subtractive Lighting

The Black Reflector. When most photographers talk or write about photography reflectors, normally all you hear about is white, silver, gold, and sometimes zebra, but rarely do you hear about “black” reflectors. Most photographers usually think about first types of...

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Featured Photography Tools


SUN SCRIMs SUN-SCRIM BUTTERFLYS OVERHEAD SCRIMS 6’x6’ + 8’x8’ +12’x12’ FRAMES + SCREEN 20’x20’ SCREENS only 6x6 Butterfly/Overhead SUN-SCRIM Starter Kit Diffusor - 2/3rd The static, square SUN-SCRIMs The SUN-SCRIMs are closed, square, 2-dimensional frames selected for...

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BOUNCE-WALL Flash Reflector Kits

BOUNCE-WALL Kit-2 “Soft & Hard“ Flash Photography Reflector System The BOUNCE-WALL is the smallest reflector in the SUNBOUNCE lighting system. It is unique, always with you and always positioned in the right place for the perfect master portrait. The BOUNCE-WALL...

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The unique SUN-SWATTER can be recognised immediately because it looks like a giant fly swatter hovering over the models. The SUN-SWATTER creates a shadow that moves with actors, models and all subjects. The SUN-SWATTER is available in three sensible sizes from 90 x...

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Featured Photography Reflector Video

“I have two SUNBOUNCE reflectors and I love them. Amazing light!”

Bob Walker

Photographer, British Columbia, Canada

Lighting School Photography Knowledge

SUNBOUNCE Testimonial

“There are three major benefits to the SUNBOUNCE system for me . . . 1. The stretch fabric creates a reliable lighting pattern and can throw light across a long distance if needed. 2. The quality of light they produce is amazing! 3. They’re very durable and will last you a very long time. I own the MICRO-MINI (2×3) the Mini (3×4), the PRO 4×6 and the BIG SUN-SWATTER. Just bought the 3-D RAINDROP 4×6 fabric and love the punch it produces especially on cloudy days! Bottom line . . . It’s more expensive but WELL worth the price!”

Eric Stoner

Technical Advisor at Canon USA, Photographer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photography Reflectors and Diffusers

Hoover over photos and click to see large photo in light box. SUNBOUNCE BIG Photography Reflectors SUNBOUNCE PRO Photography Reflectors SUNBOUNCE MINI Photography Reflectors SUNBOUNCE MICRO-MINI Photography Reflectors SUNBOUNCE SUN-STRIP Photography Reflectors...

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Sunset Sunrise Calculator

For mobile, Sunset Sunrise Calculator works best in landscape view.  Use the Sunset Sunrise Calculator to plan ahead and capture that blue or golden hour for your outdoor photography. Basically select the appropriate information to calculate the sunrise and sunset....

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Knowledge Base

We’re building a knowledge base for proper use and techniques of photography gear for better photos.

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Learn about photography gear from seasoned professional photographers who will show you how.

Right Equipment

It’s true the photographer makes the photography, but the right equipment makes it easier to achieve.

Today's Techniques

It’s about today’s techniques with today’s cameras, so we’ll show you how they work for better photos.

Without Light There Is No Life

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