California Sunbounce Pro Photography Reflectors

German Engineered

Engineered and constructed with totally quality management (TQM) in Germany.

Durable Design

Manufactured and designed with the best products to ensure durability and ruggedness.

Handmade Perfection

All fabric reflector screens are made in Germany and handmade to perfection.

SUNBOUNCE Reflectors

SUNBOUNCE reflectors are made in Germany with proven engineering including hand-sown fabric screens. The manufacturing process includes total quality management. Their most popular photography and video reflectors include the MICRO-MINI, MINI and the PRO versions. Fabrics come in many types, including “3-D fabrics,” but the core fabrics include white, black, silver, gold, plus the most popular, the zebra silver and gold fabric.

California Sunbounce Photography Reflectors
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